Summer 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic Information

**posted 6/17**

Obviously, we are very pleased to get the pool open! Many have been able to visit the pool already which is great to see! We are continuing to monitor everything from a health standpoint and will continue to provide the necessary updates as we progress through the season. We truly appreciate everyone's understanding of the policies in place for the safety of the membership.

Beginning on Monday, June 22nd the hours will be adjusted to 12:00 to 8:00 from Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday hours will be from 11:00-8:00. The swim team will be utilizing the morning hours for their swim camp.

The swim camp will run from June 22nd through July 31st. At the conclusion of the camp, we will re-evaluate pool hours again and make necessary adjustments.

**posted 6/13**

We are planning to begin some organized camp / team activities for the purpose of providing an opportunity to more closely resemble a typical Roslyn summer. This has been our intention all along and I apologize for not communicating earlier. The reality is we believe there should a progression toward organizing such activities and we wanted to decide the following first:

1. Was Roslyn in fact opening for the 2020 season?

2. When would Roslyn open, if in fact, it was decided we can open?

3. What are the guidelines to opening?

4. How would the guidelines restrict the ability to provide programming such as swim team activities?

In the opinion of many, it would be almost irresponsible to plan well in advance considering what everyone has been through. We also need to remember why we are in the situation we are in and move accordingly within guidelines. The guidelines being referred to are from the PA Parks and Recreation Society, the CDC, PA Department of Health, and the Chester County Health Department. There was an approximately 30 page document published for many activities which stated adhering to the recommendations is in the best interest of the participants, the employees, and the organizations in general. All decisions made thus far have been in the best interest of Roslyn as a whole and to move too quickly could be counterproductive to the health and safety of the membership.

In fact, there are separate pages for aquatics (both indoor and outdoor pools) and camps. While some of guidelines read very similarly, we personally believe following the aquatics guidelines is above reproach.

We’re at the point to begin planning some organized training type practices within the guidelines set forth by the state.

The following are some of the parameters:

1. It must be understood that each group will consist of 24 to 30 swimmers.

2. Coaches will not be assisting, nor can they assist according to guidelines, swimmers. Therefore, the groups may consist only of swimmers who can swim 50 meters unassisted.

3. Because the lesson and 6 and under group will not run in the traditional form this summer, Bethany DeWitt will be organizing some group lessons and additional information regarding this will be forthcoming. Lesson groups will be based on ability. 6 and unders should not sign up for this particular camp. Again, more 6 and under information will follow.

4. Parents must drop off their swimmer and remain outside the club during practices. Do not drop swimmers off to wait for their practice time.

5. Do not take spots in other swim camps at other locations which may increase the likelihood of exposing others to COVID.

6. Continue to take necessary precautions with your children and continue distancing both at the pool and away from the pool as required.

Date Range will be from June 22nd through July 31st

Cost: $110.00

If you have already paid for the 2020 season and are NOT interested in participating in the Roslyn Swim Camp, please contact Deb McMahon at

**posted 6/10**

For our opening tomorrow all members are asked to review three important documents emailed to all members:

**posted 6/3**

A letter with detailed information regarding pool opening procedures, guidelines and membership status information was sent from the RSC Board of Directors to all pool members. Click to view a copy of this letter.

**posted 5/30**

Good evening SCCSL,

The SCCSL Board met again late this afternoon. Unfortunately, we have decided to cancel the 2020 season due to the constraints of the state. Believe me when I say this decision was not made lightly. All pools, both indoor and outdoor, must follow the guidelines from the Pennsylvania Parks and Recreation Society. With the start of the "Yellow Phase" on June 5th, we are extremely limited to the number of people in an "active zone". If we are lucky enough to move to the "Green Phase", the number of people does go up some but not enough. We could not hold any type of meet with the number swimmers, parents, coaches and officials in attendance at a meet, even in the green phase.

We would like to have the swimmers that were supposed to age out for the 2020 season to return for the 2021 season. We would like to have our 2021 SCCSL Aging Out Ceremony for both 2020 and 2021 swimmers.

Again please know, no one wanted to make this decision, but the safety of our swimmers, coaches and parents is our number one priority.

Deb McMahon
SCCSL President

**posted 5/13**

Dear Roslyn Families,

As you know, Governor Wolf has extended the stay at home order until June 4. Unfortunately we will be unable to open Roslyn as planned Memorial Day weekend. We have moved forward with preparing the pool to open and we will open as soon as State and local government officials deem it safe. We are living through an unprecedented pandemic and there are many questions about dues and possible refunds.

Those members who have not yet paid their dues in full may hold off on any additional payments at this time.

The board is continuing to have discussions about this and will communicate that information to you once we know more.

Roslyn Board of Directors