2021 Season Update

*Note - information updated 5/1/2021

Hello Roslyn Swim Team,

On behalf of the Coaching Staff, I want to welcome everyone to the 2021 swimming season! The SCCSL recently developed a coordinated plan for returning to some live competitions. Obviously, there are ongoing questions with COVID along with capacity and safety issues at pool facilities. We ask everyone to sign-up for the team as quickly as possible for practice planning purposes (click for registration form). The Coaching Staff will continue to abide by safety regulations pertaining to COVID as plans are made for the upcoming season. The practice plan from the 2020 season will be a good beginning point for how the 2021 practice schedule may operate but modifications may be necessary based on total numbers of participants.

The following will need to remain in place as we begin the 2021 season:

1. All team members must have signed COVID waiver forms on file prior to beginning the season.

2. Proper distancing on the pool grounds.

3. All team members must wear masks at all times when out of the water.

4. Accurate attendance will be taken at all practice or meet sessions.

5. Staff members will wear masks during all practice and meet sessions.

6. Parents will drop off their swimmers for practices or meet sessions and remain outside the pool area.

We have reviewed carefully all aspects of the program from 2020 and concluded much of the structure in place worked extremely well, all things considered. The area of legitimate concern in our evaluation was with live instruction (group lessons for younger swimmers). At this point, we feel it is too soon to coordinate a complete plan for group lessons but at the same time feel more confident in the ability to state group lessons in some form may be able to occur.

The following will be considered:

1. How long will each group lesson session last? One week or two weeks? We will consider sessions to limit time in closer direct contact. Swimmers must be 4 years of age by June 1st to sign up for lessons.

2. Lessons would occur around the time they have typically which is in the 12:00-12:30 range.

3. Fees for the lessons. Lessons may be different than signing up for the 6 and under portion of the swimming team which may impact cost.

4. COVID cases and vaccination rates.

5. Those able to swim 25 yards unassisted may be considered for one practice group. Those swimmers needing more help and support in the water may be considered a different practice group.

6. A separate time session for evaluation of all 6 and 8 and under swimmers. Our experience has taught us there may be several novice swimmers between the ages of 5 and 8 so ensuring swimmers are in the proper setting for safety and improvement remains the overall goal. As many know, we continually evaluate and adjust as needed with many swimmers so they are in the best situation. With the younger swimmers, taking a few days to assess is something the coaching staff has always done prior to finalizing younger age practice groups.

Please look for further updates over the next few weeks as an initial practice schedule will be forthcoming along with more information concerning the structure of the team this summer.

Again, we are looking forward to seeing everyone at the pool soon!

Remain safe and healthy!


The Coaching Staff

2021 Coaching Staff (alphabetical order)

Jeff Bott, Kevin Bott, David Bussard, Ann Carozza, Bethann Carozza,

Bethany DeWitt, Kevin Kelly, Luke McNichol