Membership FAQ's

Do I have to include all of my family members in the membership or only those that use the pool regularly?  

All family members who reside at one address, full time are included in the membership and must be counted.  To keep costs in check, we depend on our members to be straightforward and honest regarding membership payment and usage.

I'm not an RSC member but would like to sign my child up for the swim team, is that possible?

No, per SCCSL rules all swim team members MUST be full time members of the clubs they swim for.

Can I included a Babysitter or Nanny who does not live with us, but comes regularly with us to the pool?

Yes, Babysitters/Nannies may be included on memberships as an extra person in your family.

Do newborn babies count as part of the membership? 

All members of your family over the age of ONE must be included in your membership.

We're going away or have other activities for 3-4 weeks of the summer, can we get a discount or prorated return on our membership? 

No, RSC memberships are not prorated daily or weekly.  The cost of a club membership is based on your family size and includes the entire season from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  If you'd like to try it out before joining full time, we recommend signing up for an August Membership.

Can we bring guests?  

Of course!  Guest fees are $10 per person per day. If you are having a large party, please contact Stefanie Heron-Birl at to plan it. We often schedule more lifeguard coverage for these events and need to plan in advance.

Are there any late fees or penalties when signing up or renewing my membership?
There is a $50 late fee for all payments received after 3/31. You will be dropped from membership if your dues are not received in full by April 15.

Who do I contact regarding deposit and balance questions?
All deposit and balance questions should be directed to Kristin Niederman at

Who do I  contact with general membership questions?
All General membership, club info, private party info, guest info, etc should be directed to Stefanie Heron-Birl at