Pool Rules & Policies

Rules & Policies of the Roslyn Swim Club


Lifeguards are authorized by the Board of Directors to maintain safe operations of the facilities, and to deny pool privileges as necessary to maintain discipline. In the event of a dispute, the judgment of the lifeguard will prevail, pending review by the pool managers and Board of Directors.

1. Use of the wading pool is limited to young, non-swimming children. All children in the wading pool MUST be supervised at all times.

2. Do not dive in restricted diving areas. Feet first entry in all pool areas with the exception of the deep end area. Pool depth and no diving areas are clearly marked around the perimeter of the pool.

3. All persons using the deep end area must be able to swim to the ladder or clear the deep end area unassisted.

4. The deep end area must be entered by the slide only, except when the deep end area is closed by a pool staff member. Only one person is permitted to use the slide at a time.

5. Do not use the slide until the previous individual has cleared the area below and reached the deep end area ladder.

6. The cut out steps in the shallow end of the pool are for entry and exit of the pool only. The steps should not serve as a play area.

7. Lifeguards will declare a periodic adult swim when the pool is crowded, limited to a maximum of fifteen minutes per hour.

8. Swimmers entering the pool must be clean. Shower facilities are provided for the convenience of the membership.

9. Activities that interfere with the use of the pool by others are not permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, the throwing of objects, excessive splashing, and floatation devices.

10. Large floatation devices shall not be permitted in the large pool when it is crowded. This decision shall be entirely at the discretion of the pool staff.

11. Non-swimming children requiring the aid of floatation devices shall not be permitted in the large pool UNLESS SUPERVISED BY AN ADULT.

12. Use of the pool is permitted only when lifeguards are on duty.

13. Adult members are responsible for making their children and their guests familiar with the club rules and the risks involved with breaking them.

14. The club is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property. Members are reminded to close and lock their vehicles.


1. Lifeguards may “bench” or evict anyone from the pool when, in the opinion of the guards, they are annoying others or are endangering themselves or others. The first benching may be for up to thirty minutes. The second benching may result in eviction from the club for the day.

2. Repeat offenders and their families will receive a warning that the suspension of membership privileges will follow if the situation is not remedied.

3. There will be no swimming during inclement weather or when there is threat of a storm. The lifeguard will declare that there is threat of a storm if thunder, lightning, or high winds are observed. Activities may not resume until the guard so designates.

4. Pool personnel will reserve the right to ask members to vacate the pool property or wait in their vehicles if there is threat of inclement weather.

5. All members, with the exception of personnel and board members, are expected to stay outside the pump house area for safety reasons.

6. All injuries, no matter how minor, suffered anywhere on club property, must be reported immediately to a lifeguard on duty.

7. Staff and the Board of Directors will not be responsible for children entering the stream and woods surrounding the pool area. Please discuss with your children the risks associated with entering those areas and supervise accordingly. It is also recommended that young children be supervised on the basketball court in the parking lot area.


1. Each family, or individual, must sign or check in at the front gate when entering the pool area.

2. Guests must be signed in and accompanied at all times by the member they entered the pool area with. Guests will not be permitted into the pool area without the member being present. Guests are expected to leave club grounds with the member whom they visited.

3. The guest fee is $10.00 per day, per person. Children under the age of one and non-swimming grandparents will not be charged a guest fee.

4. The Board of Directors and Management reserve the right to limit the number of pool parties, the number of guests, and the time of day they occur. The fee for pool parties will be determined by the number of guests invited and the staffing needs of the pool based on the number of guests. Any member wishing to host a party should contact the designated individual on the Board of Directors and the Pool Managers at least one week in advance to request a date and time.  Additional notes regarding pool parties / planned events:

A) The Board of Directors or Staff may refuse to permit, may cancel, or may postpone any pool party due to inclement weather or health restrictions.

B) The pavilion is only to be used for a short period of time during inclement weather to aide in gathering belongings prior to vacating the pool premises. The pavilion will not serve as a safety shelter during storms. A pool party already in session may be canceled if there is inclement weather or the threat of inclement weather.

C) The pool property may not be rented for private social events.

5. Members and their guests are responsible for picking up their trash and litter. Please use the trash cans provided.

6. All young children must be supervised by an adult when using the bathroom facilities.

7. Children who are not toilet trained must wear tight rubber pants (swim diapers) in the water. Staff will reserve the right to permit entry into the pool of a child who is not toilet trained. Children who are not toilet trained may not enter the big pool.

8. Non-swimmers under the age of twelve and all children under the age of nine must be accompanied at the club at all times by a responsible person at least thirteen years of age. The liability coverage of the pool is not designed to provide coverage as a day care center.

9. Food and beverages are permitted in the picnic area, grassy areas, and pavilion. For the safety of all members, no glass bottles are permitted on the pool premises.

10. Use of alcoholic beverages is not permitted during swim meets or other scheduled youth activities. Pool management or a member of the Board of Directors may restrict use of alcoholic beverages by any individual if they are engaging in unsafe actions or if their actions are deemed a nuisance to others. Alcoholic beverages may not be sold or stored on swim club property. The Club is not liable for any incident which occurs during or after as a result of alcohol consumption while on pool property. All those who consume alcohol on pool property must be of legal age.

Code of Conduct

The Roslyn Board of Directors and/or Management reserves the right to have a family removed from the facility, and/or to suspend/revoke membership to anyone who displays inappropriate and harmful behavior toward staff, fellow members, or program participants.

First offense: written warning presented by Board member/management. 

Second offense: written warning and suspension from pool (length of time determined by Board of Directors and pool managers).

Third offense: Expulsion from pool and membership revoked.

Please continue to help keep the club safe, clean, and enjoyable for all.
Roslyn Swim Club Board of Directors