2020 Member Reminders

Pool Use Reminders for Members as the Pool Season Opens

1- Please review the pool rules with your child. The pool rules are in place to help ensure a safe environment. The staff will attempt to be proactive in prevention of injuries before they happen, but please help us by stressing to your child the following basic rules:

a. No running on the pool deck.

b. No diving in areas of the pool marked “no diving.”

c. Safety in the basketball court area.

2- Please supervise your child. Proper parental supervision is absolutely necessary in helping to prevent injuries. Extensive experience has taught us when children are properly supervised, injuries rarely happen.

3- When the season is beginning, swimmers may become distressed because they are not accustomed to being in the water. Please observe your child when they are swimming and if necessary remove your child from the water when they appear tired. If a swimmer appears distressed a staff member may also have them removed from the water.

4- Water temperatures will vary, especially at the beginning of the season. When water temperatures are cooler, swimmers may become distressed sooner.

5- There are some unsafe activities which can occur between children in the pool. One such activity is breath-holding while underwater (this can happen in either shallow or deep water). Children may contest one another in seeing how long they can hold their breath and the concern with this is the occurrence of blacking out or even cardiac arrest. Please discuss this major safety issue with your children and discourage this activity! Statements such as “take breaths as much as possible when playing in the pool” may be another way to discourage breath-holding activities without giving children the idea the “game” exists.

6- Pool cleanliness and safety are of paramount importance to the staff. Please help us on both accounts by remembering to take your items home, discarding trash in receptacles, and reporting any unsafe acts you hear of or witness.

7- Pool safety also centers on ensuring proper use of the bathroom facilities and that young children are supervised when using the bathroom. Don’t assume everything will be o-kay when sending children to the bathroom - check on them! Children who are not toilet-trained must wear tight rubber pants when swimming.

8- RWI’s (Recreational Water Incidences) occur when fecal matter and vomit enter the water. For the safety of the membership please do everything possible to prevent this from happening. If sickness, diarrhea, or nausea is occurring, do not swim! If you happen to notice something unsafe (fecal matter or vomit) notify a staff member immediately, as there is protocol which will be followed to ensure the water and pool grounds are safe.

Needless to say, this season is unlike any other and there are many challenges for the Club involving pool use. We are following the advice and recommendations of the PA Parks and Recreation Society, the CDC, and Chester County Health Department. The following information is standard for clubs in the yellow phase of the State’s reopening:

1. No guests may be permitted until we are in the "Phase Out" level. The Board of Directors and Pool Management will strictly adhere to this policy. Only the paid members, or those listed under the paid membership of the family, may enter the facility.

2. All members should be mandated to notify the swim club if anyone in their family (names do not need to be given) end up testing positive for COVID after being at the club.

3. All members should be notified that they should not come to the club for a period of 14 days if anyone in their family is sick or showing symptoms of COVID.

4. Members must wear PPE when interacting with staff and when entering and exiting the club. Members may remove masks if desired when in the club so long as appropriate distancing is continuing to occur between members.

5. The lifeguards and management will oversee the distancing of individuals in the water. Pool Staff may make adjustments to the number of people in the water if necessary.

6. Bathrooms will close every two hours for cleaning. To make the use of the bathroom facilities “easy” to begin the season only one individual or one family unit may enter at a time. When the door is closed the bathroom is in use, or is being cleaned.

7. You may bring your own food to the pool for your own personal consumption or for your own family unit only. No sharing of food products are permitted. Furthermore, no food deliveries are permitted. Water and sports drinks are permitted for personal use only.

8. Only use the drinking fountain to fill a personal cup or water bottle. Use the bottle fill button only.

9. The grills will not be available to begin the season.

10. No pool parties are permitted even if all those attending the party are members.

11. No social events or events that will draw crowds may be permitted.

12. No sharing of personal items or club equipment. Club will not provide water basketballs, etc.

13. Any belongings left at the club will be thrown out at the end of each day. There will be no lost and found.

14. Each member needing a chair will be required to supply their own and then take the chair home when leaving for the day. Swim club tables or chairs will not be available as we open the season. This will be evaluated as the season progresses.

15. No “games” of soccer, etc will be held on club grounds. No water basketball games, etc. The water basketball net is up for shooting baskets only.

16. Deep end games and tag games are not permitted as the season begins. The slide will be open but ensure distancing while in line waiting.

17. Staff will be provided an area / tent shade area. No one will be permitted to sit at the guard table, etc.

18. Families will be provided access to a basic medical kit so they may attend to minor injuries such as cuts or scrapes. Staff will supervise as necessary.

19. There will likely be one or two lanes open for lap swimming and this can continue provided distancing occurs within the lane.

20. If we all do the best we can and continue to respect the fact some members may be waiting to enter the facility what has been outlined for our opening can work. Obviously, we hope to get back to the typical summer everyone is accustomed to soon but those decisions are out of our hands.

Thanks for your help and understanding as we open. We need your help to make this work and much thought has been put into opening. Adjustments may be needed as we move along and we are prepared to adapt accordingly.